The Century: Post No.100

My first century of posts is complete. I take this opportunity to look back fondly at the 100 posts written, the numerous blogging friends I made and the plethora of comments I received.
Going back to post no.1, I remember sitting at my Uncle’s place in Chennai, with Momo (a cute boxer) occasionally biting my toes, typing out the post as I made my blogger profile and gave it my then- Dc nick to today, where I am sitting on a battered computer in an office in Pune. It was a return of sorts to blogging after my short stint in school. I was in PS then as I am now. But both are a world apart. Nearly two years have relapsed since then which were interspersed with bouts of fervent blogging then long null spaces owing to a rather non-existent internet connection back in college. I have blogged about my life as I went through it, college fun, serious stuff, relationships, friends, fun, girl-talk, my pooch , PS, acads, Pune, Goa, Chennai and everything I have experienced. This blog has become my friend and confidante as I pour my heart, anger, frustration and narrate my experiences to it and I can always read my posts and re-live those moments as and when I went through them.

Of course, no blog is complete without its readers. I take this chance to acknowledge my readers, some of whom who have been with me right from the first post like Oink (now Tata Birla), Tangram ( Taffeta-Twinkle for a while and now Fiddle Sticks), Gizmo (who stopped blogging mid-way and now is back again!), Gowcow ( a brilliant writer herself and rare blogger), Vaishu (who began blogging but later discontinued and is now back on blogosphere)and many others who soon become my regular blogging buddies like Amrit Vatsa ( a fastidious reader and owns his own magnificent and very popular blog Vatsap) and Nirmal ( Marlin Jar) . Of course there are many many more who occasionally comment; new bloggers on the block (thanks to good internet now that they are out of college) and many others who keep commenting and giving valuable advice. I am eternally grateful to every one for their continuous love, support and encouragement. Many I know are silent readers, many choose not to comment for political reasons and no matter what I have written, bad, good, funny or crazy, they have always patiently read through and supported me to write more. I have no proper words to express my gratitude and only wish that they continue doing so. It is only the readers who inspire me to keep writing.

Of course, I have seen a change in the mood and tone of many blogs in tandem with mine. During GRE preparation time, last summer, all blogs were flooded with 9-lettered words just out of Barrons which required constant dictionary reference or the farewell times when everyone bid emotional good byes, then there are the PS blogs (current) where everyone is getting used to their new lives and places and blogging about them excitedly or during one of those terror attacks or calamities where everyone protested in their own creative way. This blog has been my companion when I had no work to do (like now) or when I had a story to tell or even at-times when I had a message to convey.
There are certain posts which went without comments and many others which became almost-chat windows. Some posts became exceedingly popular ( Singaara Chennai for one) and others which were boo-ed. Reading everyone’s posts is not only informative and funny at times, but it has definitely improved my vocabulary and writing skills by leaps and bounds.
This is not a good-bye or a vote of thanks ( 😛 ). This is infact a new beginning. I’ll continue writing tales of my life and the nuances of everyday existence apart from social issues which continue to amuse, anger, sadden or inspire me. I might not have been able to take each and every reader’s name on this post, but every comment is as valuable as the other to me.

Keep reading folks!

PS: I might change my name now, that Full of Life is a tad (100 posts) old!


20 thoughts on “The Century: Post No.100

  1. Congratulations dear blogging buddy ( 😛 ) on the 100th post and may your life be full of life! 🙂

    –The fastidious reader! 😀

  2. Congratulations dear blogging buddy ( 😛 ) on the 100th post and may your life be full of life! 🙂

    –The fastidious reader! 😀

  3. @Amrit : Yoyoyo!
    @Akash: Aah..I knew I have forgotten someone or the other! Sorry man! You definitely are one of my blog gurus 😀 😛 😛
    @Psycho: Sure! You too!

    @Vidya: Keep reading ! The blog loves your comments too :-*

  4. C&M? That’s not catchy!! WE (ok, I) WANT FOL!!!!

    And congo on century 😀 now let’s get to double century even quicker 😛

  5. @ Oink n MS: Thanks! N yeah, Im back as fol, the C&M thing was just a temporary test name I gave to test the shifting n all properly. My blog is back.
    I’ll never leave fol! I’m in love with the name myself 😛

    @MS: You caught my blog in testing phase ! 😛

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