Girl Talk: Men and mood swings

Though the title might seem a bit odd, given that it is the women usually blamed for the mood swings and the PMS owing to their hormonal changes routinely, I feel that men are no different. Perhaps their cycles are not as regular or attributed to some definite physical changes, but they do go through some mood swings in a definitive pattern.

What can explain the sudden outburst of anger or hate, sudden words full of spite only to be followed by they wondering themselves why they said or did what they did. Tell me then, how is it any different from the female mood swings? How many times have I seen sudden shifts of mood from extreme love to hate or anger with no external stimulus? If they blame the women to be unpredictable and moody, let me ask, arent they of the same nature too?

What else can explain the sudden outburst of philosophy at the dinner table or suddenly disappearing from the horizon only to return eons later to say “I just didnt feel like talking”. If a girl should say the same thing, she is branded eccentric or crazy. ( Well, boys should know they are too! 😉 ). How does one react when you give  the same opinion you normally do, only to be reprimanded suddenly “You shouldn’t say that you know , it is just bad”, only to get back to the usual the next day and you are left baffled. It is not that guys do not ask complicated questions whose answer in any way will ultimately lead to an argument or doom. This branding of the sexes is just prejudice. It needs rethinking.

Though conventionally considered the more “stable” or “balanced” among the two, I think the similar circumstances and education of both boys and girls makes the boys as vulnerable to emotions as the fairer sex. So, it would be definitely unfair to blame all the sudden anger, mood swings and all the other hormone related outbursts solely on the women.

So next time your friend (male) suddenly gets irritated or angry, goes into deep depression or says weird stuff out of nowhere, tolerate it.
Its his hormones at play. 😛


5 thoughts on “Girl Talk: Men and mood swings

  1. Common symptoms of mood swings in men can be anger, frustration, depression, emotional outbursts, and lack of interest in sex. This is known as irritable male syndrome.


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