A New Leaf

As I kill another day’s time waiting for work to come in the form of my boss (currently vacationing), I am not left with a lot of options to do sitting in front of my computer. Though, I would delightfully read something, my seat is so strategically located that my monitor and the windows open on it are visible to the entire plethora of bosses, not to mention the visitors whose impression of the work in Thermax also depends on my computer to an extent. So there goes my opportunity of surfing the net or even reading an e-book without glancing around every two minutes. No, I am not rambling about my joblessness or anything in this post. I am merely laughing at my own disposition.


Maybe I am better off than so many people who have to change trains, work hard (in reality) or sit in hot workshops or shop floors and literally sweat it out for their internship. Friends convince me that no one ever gets a decent deal and almost everyone has something to complain about. Complain. Ah, that word now has almost reached irritating levels of usage. Frankly, I do it a lot too. Or rather used to. I’ve decided to stop complaining about the heat, the lack of public transport and instead take it in my stride. Why the change of heart? I don’t really know. But I guess, feeling good about it may not change the reality but at least the perception can be a lot rosier.


As the end draws near, I can happily look back at my experience in Pune and have a hearty laugh. I came to a supposedly happening city, got a rude shock about the reality but managed to adjust. I was in love with the place in the beginning but the soaring mercurial levels soon diminished that to a large extent. The water shortage and the power cuts only reminded me of the past ( i.e college experiences) and sometimes I wondered “Why me again?”. But it taught me new ways to deal with water crises, new ways to cool off without the fan and enjoy the Indian summer in its true glory! Then came the personal changes this place has dawned upon me. I have become a disciplined person, managing to have a strict healthy routine with a better view of the world. I have restarted my running and reading, gotten into shape, learnt to make quick-fix dishes and most importantly fall in love with healthy food. I learnt computer languages and sharpened the one skill I never had. Programming. I took it up consciously, learning the tricks of the trade, picking up a couple of languages and working extensively on it for four months. Boring and repetitive it might be, but nevertheless, it is indeed useful. I learnt other very Pune-habits like tying the scarf Taliban-like, sporting sun-shades almost all the time and dressing well and formally. I enjoyed my share of typical Maharastrian fare with the Bhakri, the puran-poli, the chiwda, the bhakarwadi, vada-pav and the hot dabelis.


Coming to the people, I simply loved my company. Everyone was amazing to me. They were polite and very helpful. I could easily run home whenever I wanted with the only response being, “Have a great trip”. My mentor was the nicest guy I have met recently. Though shy at first, today he is a good friend, a nice senior who actually takes care of me! My boss is understanding and always listens patiently never showing any typical boss-like traits to me. At least the people I am associated with closely were extremely nice. Overall, the internship taught me everything it ought to, rubbing my shoulders with all sorts of people and even getting yelled at by others. But as I wrote earlier, every experience was worth looking forward to!


Many people reading this might be baffled at my sudden shift of stance. I was cribbing and crying and wishing to get out of here, but I suddenly felt that it might not be as bad as I make it sound. Every place has its good and bad and maybe I got too engrossed in the bad part not remembering anything good about it. A mental analysis indeed showed that I am fortunate to be where I am and as I lived. After all, we are never really happy with whatever we get unless we try and remain happy.


I have decided to extrapolate this attitude to everything it can cover. I will try and not crib and cry as much as I used to. The negativity was seeping in too far. Not anymore. I am turning a new leaf. An attempt to look at the bright side of everything.



2 thoughts on “A New Leaf

  1. hmm…. nice to see u happy and enjoying once again… and trust me.. no matter how bad u think ur PS is/was.. u are gonna feel really sad on the last day… 5 months is a good enough time to get attached to anything..

  2. I simply love Pune! I am here since my birth and will be leaving for Hyd in a month for my job 😦 I am going to miss the place! Good to hear that you liked this place…

    BTW came here while hopping from one blog to other. Nice blog. 🙂

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