Technological Dependence

I came to realize this fact just a few days ago when my cell phone switched off due to low battery charge. Now, I was left here without any phone or contact numbers in my head with no one I could possibly call from any public phone. I was thankfully aware of my home number and my dad’s cell number, but it got me thinking that today we seldom try and remember any phone numbers at all. We instantly unlock our phones, type out the digits as the other person is saying, give missed call to store our number and save it with a name. Another entry in the phone book, another number saved. But nothing in our head.

 I remember the times we had a race to memorize the number the fastest, to store as many numbers as we can and use s simple address book only for those contacts few and far in between. Unlike today, where everything is stored externally, there was a time when calculations were done in our head, numbers stored there and an effort to remember facts and figures actually made. After extensive use of calculators (thankfully, I wasn’t a part of this, but then it did cost me dearly in subjects like Numerical Analysis), people use them to add 16 and 12, divide 12 by 4. I do agree that their use is mandatory especially in engineering calculations but not over dependence.

 No, I am not being Mulayam- Singh- like asking people to forego the comforts that technology has so graciously given us. We must use them efficiently and economically, not allowing our brains to rot in the process.

 I memorized a few phone numbers again. It felt good, really.


4 thoughts on “Technological Dependence

  1. Second you and agree with you should probably try spending a day without using any gadgets and see how helpless you will be!!

  2. But doesn’t this exactly do what it was supposed to do in the first place?-Simplify daily activities.

    It is absolutely necessary to remember the 10 most important numbers you have on your address book, but remembering more than those is just plain cumbersome. I was able to call a friend just yesterday, after 6 years of last meeting her.(Only because she didn’t change her number since then). Thank you, technology!

    Hence, I love being Technologically-Dependent, yet, I wouldn’t want to be handicapped without it.

  3. Abso – freakin – lutely !!

    I am totally dependent on technology to keep in touch with people. Heck, i wouldnt know how to contact more than half the people if gmail/gtalk suddenly erased my contact list 😐

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