Charcoal, Pencils and a new header

I had been toying with the idea of a personalized header for a long time now. Given the fact that I had all the time in the world, I decided to use it well, a little more constructively than usual. Now, I had long removed Adobe Photoshop from my computer, to accomodate the COMSOL Multiphysics in the final semester. Without DC ( yes, that is a major handicap), setup was impossible to obtain. I asked Amrit for alternatives and he suggested GIMP. It was an open source software with all the features of Photoshop. So I immediately installed and set out to work.

Before you start thinking that the piece of art above is my handiwork, let me clarify. It is made by none other than Amrit himself. I did start off my ambitious project, mission header with an aim to make it like it has come out now, but turns out it was rather complicated for a first-timer like me. Various garbled versions emerged and three mishaps later I SOS’ed him to design one for me. He did a fab job, Thank you very much again.

I took out my drawing paper and charcoals after eons today. Not knowing what to gift my sister on her b’day, I decided a hand-drawn sketch would be so much more precious than anything I pick up from a shop. I always prefer handmade gifts. They somehow are so real and the effort that goes into making it is a perfect representation of the love you have. This was only my second hand made gift in recent times. The first was a scrap book I made for bloke. Now, this. I used to gift hand-made cards to mom and dad, but that was when I was younger, was regular at painting and had all the materials. So today, it was an awakening of sorts.

More than how it looks, I feel ecstatic about the fact that my oldest hobby has resurfaced. I felt the familiar thrill when my pencils drew long black strokes, the charcoals beautifully left a trail of blacks and greys and the picture finally came alive. Hmmm…its a sort of high I am on now. It feels great.


4 thoughts on “Charcoal, Pencils and a new header

  1. LOL. Arey, I’ve written the truth only. I liked the header. If you arent happy, the improvisations are all yours! Beti???? ROFL.

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