Sexist nation

“Its a baby boy”
“Whew! Very Good. Thank God it wasnt a girl”.
These words left me stunned. Twenty first century. An India we proudly show off to the rest of the world and I am standing here in my kitchen listening to this awful gender discrimination. Worst thing to hit home, my cook happily said that to me, a girl.

After two more huge gasps of relief from other people whom I was told to inform, and one blessing I got (already) that I would have a baby boy too, I was feeling a little hurt. To hell with all the gender equality. Even today, majority of this country treats women as second-grade, a burden and a second-choice when it comes to children. Sad, very sad.

You might argue that education is the key but I am amazed at how gender discrimination exists in the most subtle forms even in the most forward societies. The most hi profile families focus on how to make the boy achieve the highest qualifications and leave the girl on the pretext that in any case we’ll get her married by 25. End of college for a girl in many cases moves on to the next stage of life i.e marriage and hardly are parents concerned about careers of their girl-child. Then comes the whole social factor of marrying her off in grandeur, saving money, minting jewelery and all that hogwash.

I wanted to turn back and ask those people in what way are girls inferior to boys. They help at home, are more responsible and match up to a boy in every sense of the word. In any other forward society, never is there a discrimination of the sexes. Nowhere else in the world will you hear gasps of relief when a boy is born or even dream about female infanticide. It all happens only in this country.

This suddenly makes me feel we haven’t moved an inch from the olden days of sati and dowry.Just now that the situations are rather different. Indian women are beaten when they go to pubs. Jeans are regularly banned from colleges everyday.A bold statement by a woman is instantly called lewd and the character of the girl comes under the scanner. A girl is ruthlessly ogled at by every cheapskate, sex-deprived Indian male everywhere she goes. Women who work late hours are chased behind by drunk youths and shot in the head when they try to evade them. Groping, rape, eve-teasing, I can go on and on and on. Its sad to be born in a country where people are disappointed by your very existence.

I know this post is all feminist and all, but happy as I maybe on the arrival of my nephew, I wasn’t actually thanking anyone that he is not a girl. It just pricks when someone throws such an offhand comment on you making you feel second-grade. India needs to sensitize itself to the female gender. Only then will we really surge ahead.

Till then, I’m celebrating my new Aunt-hood. šŸ˜€


16 thoughts on “Sexist nation

  1. True, But than things change slowly & have changed in this country too. Women education has improved, they are much more social, independent & are considered equal too. Its just the mindset which has not changed becoz of our social ecosystem wherein A girl is considered a liability mostly becoz she”l get married & will provide financial assistance to the husband’s family. I can bet if the scenario wud have been different, nd we males wud be in that case suffering, if we wud have been a financial liability.

    But things have changed rapidly in the last decade or so, n will continue to do so & Mostly it depends on parents, do they discriminate ?? If not..who gvs a fck what my bai n autowaala thinks šŸ™‚

  2. @Apurba: Thanks!
    @Choos: I agree with you on that. I’m just talking about the people in general. My parents dont discriminate, but a lot of people still think that way and in this does affect the general impression of the country doesnt it? Also, development is there but I just hope we continue progressing in the right direction and weeding out such feelings. Bai and autowala also are a part of this country and it is that strata of society which still needs development and this is one of the major things pulling them down. It doesnt affect me directly, but it does something to the nation. Aint it ?

  3. Yeah, but than most of the things will be achieved by educating these section of the societies. From example, our grandparents, were dubious about Child sex but not our parents, The difference is the level of education which will take its own time.
    We are still a country made up of villages & still a poor nation ( in terms of how much money from the govt actually reach to the people).
    Btw i dont want a girl too ( Who d f will handle there BFs, wat say šŸ™‚ )

  4. LOL. What a reason to not have a girl! (Useless reason according to me) Boys give equal trouble, what with the numerous dates and phone calls and girl friends and heart breaks and drinking binges etc. I would still tolerate the bf’s compared to that! šŸ˜›
    Waise, I dont mind anything. But there is a long long time for that.

  5. Congrats !
    As you said we shouldnt be thinking too far ahead, but if I had an option (who knows we may even get to choose in the future), I would go for a girl. Reason for it is simple, why choose an option that will lead to more of “our” type. I am not against all that you have mentioned above, but in the strata of society we live in and hopefully our offspring will later, one has to admit the girls just OWN the guys.

  6. You are absolutely right! šŸ˜€
    This is the exact thing I want the rest of the society to realize.
    Girl power \m/

  7. The biggest flaw of our society has been, that economic progress has not transcended into cultural progress. Our previous generations have remained guarded to change the cultural & religious ethos. Reason, they are scared that there influence will get diminished. One of them is ceding power to the girls. Dowry deaths, female foeticide, forced marriages all start from this mindset, (the issue pointed in ur blog). But to change it, the fairer sex has to take the lead. Because the strong egoist manhood will not easily cede power to the weak. We need this type of fire in evry girl & woman to take on the society & change its laws.

    My goal is to make the Indian women more free, than the women in the united states.

    1. Why always take united states as the benchmark for everything ? Do you have reason to believe that females in USA are most free ?

  8. “Btw i dont want a girl too ( Who d f will handle there BFs, wat say )”

    I just realised the plight of choos’ girlfriend’s dad.

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