Girl Talk: The Indian male stare

Introduce this topic among a group of twenteen girls lying joblessly in a hostel room at midnight and the bonding is similar to what porn does to boys in college. Experiences pour out and so does the frustration. Everywhere a girl goes, she is followed by hundreds of eyes of the common Indian man. The autowallahs, rickshaw pullers, the security guard, the valet parking guy, just about everyone as though you are an alien specimen supposed to be sitting in a zoo who has just escaped. I simply hate those leching gazes that check out your length and breadth and zero down on certain parts of your body.

At first, the girl becomes conscious (when you are 13 or 14 and just about changing all over) and then slowly with maturity comes the sad acceptance of the truth. You will be leached at from all sides, the taxi driver will try and adjust his rear-view mirror, people will deliberately fall against you in buses or trains, jerks on bikes will howl and whistle as you stand in bus-stops and the unstoppable, extremely irritating stare will follow you everywhere outside the comforts of your home.

What happened in Patna is sad, just like the tragedy that occurs regularly at Gateway of India every new year. Deep down inside every girl knows that any of this can happen to her at anytime, anyplace. Just the really unfortunate ones are victimized. I wonder what it is with this stare and gaze that occurs at all times and all places. The latest issue of Femina deals with this issue in great detail showcasing the exemplary braveness of certain women who hammered the man in question till he begged for apology. Not many among us are so brave.

I know this is the second feminist-like post in recent times, but the Patna episode and my own experiences and those of friends at the shopping expeditions (which leave me irritated most of the times) inspired me to put this down in words.

I know what I am going to do next time some such shit happens (and I encourage everyone else also) just stare back. Lets see how men behave when they come under the focus of the Indian female stare.


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