The great gastronomic shift

Ghar ka Khaana

That, is the single biggest craving for all the hostelers and the entire group of people living outside their homes. I am no different. But it is only once when you are even out of the security and comfort of having a mess (which you can keep cursing for want of better things to do) that you truly relish those daal-chawals and bhindi sabjis your mom used to make.

I was just like any other pre-teen and teen, wishing for the McMeals, the McDonalds burger and fries, the occasional Wimpy or Nirula burgers, the Sundaes or any possible chance to eat out. ‘We are having dinner outside’ used to be the most awaited phrase and the entire process of going out to a restaurant, getting a chance to order any favourite and hogging like there is no tomorrow (to the extent of making your mom comment “It is as though we don’t feed you at all!”) was the biggest treat one could hope for. The excuses were innumerable, exams over(the most common), I-got-a-centum-in-math-once-again, I came-third-in-the-school-relay, birthdays, anniversaries, just about anything. Today as I told my cook to pack lunch for me since I was going out, refusing the option of eating out, these thoughts flooded my mind.

I repeatedly tell my mom these days “Even if you give me kaccha (raw)sabji, I’ll eat”. Even if she claims the curry isnt as good as she expected (thats rare) I think it is the most delicious thing ever. The charm of eating out has somehow ended. Maybe it is because of the frequent eating out trips or the nuances and flip sides you discover when you begin to depend on hotel food for months on end. I just long to eat home-food. This stay in chennai I hardly ate out save for a couple of meals with friends. Any shopping trip saw me equipped with my lunch in the car which I ate with sheer delight. The healthy side is just an added bonus.

I’ve come a long way today. I’m all set to start cooking now. (I dont know how it’ll turn out to be, all the best to my four guinea pigs! 😛 )


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