The goodbye

This is the post anticipated by many. But its contents are not the same as a vote of thanks speech for my country. It is a bittersweet picture of the truth. (Truth is always bittersweet, aint it?)
Firstly, I am very happy to leave this place. Personally, the only thing I will miss having around is my doggie (no surprise to anyone there). He was always with me, still is as I type this post (he is busily licking my feet only to put his head gently on them and sleep in a while). I will miss everything about him and everything I’ve done to take care this past month. Feeding, walking, running, bathing, playing and everything from splashing water on him from the swimming pool or watch him converse with donkeys..everything will be in my head for a long long time. What hurts is his innocent wait at the door hoping I’d turn up any moment or the hunt around the house still expecting me to be hiding under the bed. What pricks is that he doesn’t know. Wish I could explain it to him. Family is infact closer, dad and mom will be missed but technology esp VOIP, gtalk video chat and cell phones have ensured no place is too far.

Coming to friends, I really havent met anyone in person for sometime now. The only people I’ve spoken/ met outside the internet are Amrit,Dyno,rdx,Vinay,Nisha, Giz and Soxy. Everyone split up after third year and has gotten adjusted to their new lives. Everyone else is on either facebook or gtalk. It’ll hardly make a difference as to where I am geographically. My blogs will continue so will my updates on all these networks. So its no use saying “I’ll miss my friends” and all that tosh. To hell with all the sentiments then since I’ll be more in sync with the nocturnal junta of our college. Though sometimes I miss being geographically closer to these people I mentioned before. Friendships can sometimes cut across the virtual barriers.

India…well right now I am happy to be leaving it. Lets see if the missing-my-homeland sentiments hit me in sometime.( I seriously doubt that anyway). It is a fresh start, a chance to correct my mistakes (in matters of losing my heart to very wrong people)and begin all over again. I am all revved up and refreshed after a very enjoyable vacation. All the miseries of PS and heartbreaks forgotten.

So long everyone. Keep reading my blog. The next post’ll be from Atlanta.


4 thoughts on “The goodbye

  1. Henry David Thoreau once wrote, “Live each season as it passes. Breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, but resign yourself to the influences of each.”

    Best of luck!

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