Grad Life and Free Food

Three weeks into my grad student life and I know the single most important thing in a graduate student life – free food. Though it might seem odd to people actually not living it, trust me, it definitely is.

Free food is the single biggest lure of any grad student. A notice has no meaning unless food is offered. Offer a buffet, barbecue or even a mixer and wham! the entire grad student community would be there to bless you. We sneak or crash parties of the unsuspecting undergrads who happily dwell on other priorities like speed dating, dancing, finding a date and other trivialities of life. We are the focused lot. We enter the party, pass a few fake smiles, grab the food and head straight back to the lab. Free food surrounds us. The pizzas before seminars, the cookies and coffee before some guest lecture, everything forms a part of it.

First week was full or orientations and welcome parties and we being the diligent ones immediately drew up separate timetables for them. The ‘food timetable’ is of utmost importance and all invite mails to dinners and parties get flagged or starred immediately.
PhD comics makes so much more sense. It is a different life and I am so loving it.
The issue of Grad life and free food is so aptly told by this link


3 thoughts on “Grad Life and Free Food

  1. i must say u are truly good at writing. Its so good that i was saddned, when i noticed that i was halfway through ur previous blogs. keep blogging….

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