After a long period of time when the days and dates were long forgotten and lost track of (read: Vacation!), its back to gruelling weeks and even sad-der weekends with three assignments due and two essays on some stupid safety issue the next week. Still, friday brings a ray of hope giving that extra time to sleep in and finally finish those chores you always postpone for the week-end.

Grad-life is not easy. But it is enjoyable. Everything here is an experience in itself. Though the academic part is rather similar in terms of content and competition, the whole experience makes it so much fun. It is fun to grab those free pizzas lying outside the class and then after a couple of burps and downing two Dr.Peppers ask,’What was the food for?’ or the ability to munch a sandwich in class and sip coffee as the professor drones on about Helmholtz energy functions or to go check for boiled peanuts in the vending machines or discuss chinese high-school system with your neighbour in class. Though it is not particularly enjoyable to sit through 8 subjects a semester and brainstorm when 4 people get 4 different answers for the same question, I am liking the fact that my grey cells are being used again and over stretched . Its fun being busy. Though I always tried to keep myself occupied in BITS, the load was never the same. The motivation strangely lies in the opportunity. You want to milk everything that comes your way and that drives you to work hard.

Ah, I started off discussing my weekend and ended up writing about my week. There is a cute little club which drives down Indian students to the Indian grocery shop (located a far 25 miles away) every month to stack up on those frozen parathas and garam masalas. Usually the seats fill up in like 5 minutes after the mails are sent out, and this time I made it in! So I can finally give my Iranian store some time off from me! Food is not a difficult option if you are open to new tastes and are not too fond of the spicy fare you get back home. The world’s cuisines are at your disposal and you can really make the most of it (only if you want to!). Apart from that I’m really really happy that I have nearly 2.5 days ( i’m trying not to think of my workload which can easily swallow that entire time) and I dont need to wake up early tomorrow. Even the gym opens only at 9 on weekends!

PS: I finally found two really amazing professors (totally a.w.e.s.o.me and they leave me mesmerized everytime they teach or talk). Wow, I am back in love with engineering and academia and have never been happier!


5 thoughts on “YAAY! Its FRIDAY!

  1. world cuisines … MIT undergrads …. discussing chinese high school systems … god, im jealous !

    @ boon, she’s not in India anymore, remember ? 😛 frozen parathas must be a kingly Indian meal 😛

  2. @Boon: Oink answered it right!

    @Oink: 😀 Frozen aloo paranthas are the once-a-week treats! Ya, I just hope I remember all my undergrad stuff soon…I’ll enjoy it even more!

  3. ahhhh…this reminds me…after coming here i realised what we were missing out on by not having a NC….by your standards i have a kingly indian meal every day at around 2 in the morning 😛

    1. Lol, true. Any Indian food is elaborate here! But its more fun to eat other stuff 😛 Ya, I heard tales about spicy maggi and fried maggi at the ANC in Pilani during PS and I was soo jealous! 🙂

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