There are the good days and there are those you wish you never lived through. Sometimes there comes those days which leave you wanting some more and certain others when despite having everything you crave for something else. Today was the latter.

Things were normal. Submissions, a pop-quiz that went rather normally, assignment, fairing and then a college football game to which I had tickets. Sounds good na? Only thing, I didnt have company to go see the match. Surprising, that in a crowd of so many thousands you still never find that good friend you can drag along, bully, to drop every other commitment and accompany you to some place. Mostly, there is never time to think of such things, (even now the marquee in my head is beeping about the Thermodynamics assignment in queue), but those rare instances that you are forced to think of this, it gets sad. Today as I walked past the Bobby Dodd stadium and the carnival-like atmosphere surrounding it, I felt really alone. For the first time in my existence of twenty odd years, I dont have someone in person to run to, to walk to the store with, to take my mind off homework for a while or to giggle and laugh at silly nothings. Sometimes, I just wish I had someone here.

I’m waiting.

Its time to start my next assignment. All the best Yellow Jackets, hope I get to see the next match at least.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes…

  1. Don’t worry. I felt the same when I came here. Coming from such a close community to this place where there are so many people, and yet there is none, does gets difficult. But you’ll get used to it sooner or later, like most of us have/do. Today, I’d rather prefer going to a match alone! 🙂 And it’s not as sad as it sounds, but a lot of fun! 🙂

  2. Nita

    Actually I agree with AR….With time, you will either 1) find the right company like some do or 2)start enjoying being alone for most part and do lot of stuff by yourselves (things which usually we think needs company)and not even realise it ..Cheer up!!


  3. @ AR: Ah, I dont still wanna go to a football match alone! Yeah, not worried about it, just a thought.

    @ Raji: Im all cheerful again (This post was written before our marathon meeting btw) and you get a HUGE chunk of the credit for cheering me up. 😀
    I think 2 is more likely to happen. Hehehehe.

    Thank you both so much, it really means a lot to me. 🙂

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