Deja Vu..

Its that time of the year again. Diwali, Dusshera..oh wait, midterms and more exams. A sneak peek into the next few months of my life looks like a long string of exams and exams and classes and more exams. For the first ever time, I’m not in India for the festivities of Navratra or Diwali. I’m not missing it here, simply because, they just don’t let me. I’ve been sitting in my room the whole day trying to get something done but no avail. I feel useless, kinda stupid and unproductive. Every night, I go to bed thinking tomorrow will be THE day of maximum studying, but as usual, that tomorrow never comes.

I’ve not been blogging for a while I know. Its been busy here. Busy as hell. Midterm weeks approach and bring a sense of gloom into everyone’s mind. Then come the qualifiers. Honestly, I’ve been scared to death from whatever I’ve heard so far and the only way to beat it would be to actually start studying for it. I miss the hostel. I miss knowing that everyone is (hopefully) in the same shit as I am and that everyone’s brains are being squeezed to unhealthy levels. At some level, I enjoy the strain but the prospect of “passing” or “failing” adds an additional 1000KPa to the pressure already. (Sad joke :P)

Loads of things have happened in the last few weeks. I’ve made a great friend at last. So my days are no longer boring. I can go and spend time and talk and do girly stuff and enjoy myself whenever I want to. Secondly, my cooking has improved by leaps and bounds. I can fix a decent meal in less than 15 minutes and it comes rather well! Of course there has been the added academic joy of finally finding your advisor who’ll fund you for the next 4-5 years. The project excites me. Its just these hurdles called exams I’ve to cross to finally start working on it. Aaaah..January..when will it come?!

I miss reading books. Its like the carrot and donkey story. I’ve an absolutely delightful collection of books in the biggest library I’ve been to, sitting 10 minutes away from me and I can’t read any of it. I cant even think of any non-chemical engineering book right now. Even thinking feels like a crime. Bah.

The last few weeks saw a lot of changes: I got my iphone at laast. Got my second pay-check. Decided on the camera and laptop I want to buy. Got an office assigned to myself! Splurged in Bath and Body Works, watched a hindi movie, fell in love with Tamil songs, made Frappucino all by myself at home, spent a night out watching an English movie with popcorn, went to the Coca-cola museum, ate Indian food and found myself amusingly in the same state of mind as I had in BITS just before an exam. Well here, the odds are only higher. Its getting colder here, with the night temperatures well within the 20 degree mark. It rains occasionally. That manages to cheer me up somehow.

Random post. Thats all my brain saddled with tons of saddle points and optimization functions and kinetics can think of right now. I’ll write about something more interesting soon. Till then, godspeed!


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