When rains lost their charm

For a person who loved and longed for rains all the time, this post must be a shocker. No, I am not bored of it yet but a lot of factors have made it lose its initial charm. The best part for me always was – unpredictability.

I loved spotting grey clouds all of a sudden, having those surprising unseasonal showers every now and then, but here all that is gone. The weather works like a keyed toy, rains are predicted even weeks in advance and it rains promptly when it is predicted. It becomes cloudy as per the clock, rains as it is supposed to and then stops. You can take umbrellas to work even when it is sunny outside and be confident that at 4 pm, it will start to pour.

I hate the fact that it is freezing when it rains. Now devoid of the comforts of a car or even the pleasure of not attending classes as and when I want to, it is horrible to walk in frozen water. Your sweaters get moist, your feet freeze in sneakers and you cant even wear your new uggs to office. It is impossible to even hold your umbrellas with your gloves on since they get soaked. Bah.

I never thought I would ever have the slightest resentment towards rains but now everytime I see the clouds on my weatherbug desktop, I go like, “Argh! Not again!”.


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