Casual opinions

So many things have happened in the world in the last few weeks that I’ve been wanting to blog about but somehow, I never got the time to do it. So I finally managed to jot down all my opinions in a garbled manner to just let the writer in me relax for a while.

I want to ask the media, whats with the obsession with Sania and Shoaib? Though I admit I was shocked more than pleased when my friend casually mentioned it to me, never believing it till I logged on to and saw it all over the website. I think its a wedding of failed sportstars and in any case Sania being the better of the two. A girl with opportunities like her should have atleast tried to work on her fitness and try to enter the quarterfinals and top 16 of a grand slam. Kim Clijsters and Justine made amazing comebacks after motherhood and a long sick-leave. Cant a 23 year old with a broken wrist recover to win? Naah, let me tell you this Sania Mirza, you have shown the way but ended it all wrong. You have made tennis your ticket to fame and page-3 news. I idolize Saina Nehwal. She has reached rankings that you can never reach in your lifetime. I give you a year or two till you settle down and start a family. And that would be a very sad end to a bright tennis hopeful. Your achievements are not ones that’ll be remembered. Infact, the way its going, your wedding will be the topic of gossip mongers for quite sometime.And I’m not even entering the territory of the choice of the groom. I dont believe love is blind. All I can say is: sleeping with the enemy, are we?

Apart from news about the mutton for Sania’s wedding, the Indian news channels have debates over right to education, women’s bill apart from interesting sexcapades of various swamijis the world over. I do nothing but laugh at the news. To me it seems like a long due revelation finally coming to light. And as far the women’s bill goes, I dont really have an opinion. Women don’t need reservation. They can compete fair and square and win says half of me but then for the not-so-gutsy women, this might seem like an opportunity to get some experience. Not really sure how it’ll work but then lets hope the women MP’s prove themselves better than their male counterparts.

Its finally warm and nice here. You can jog every morning and hear the birds chirp. You can wear those capris and shorts buried under all your woolens. You finally buy the sunscreen and notice how the moisturizers have vanished from shelves. Its heating up slowly here (a tad too much sometimes) but a nice break from the cold for now. I bet I’d be complaining about the heat in a post or two.

Research is picking up intensity. Finally my advisor stuck to his nature and yelled at me. It felt weird to be told off by someone after all your hard work but then I had been prepared for it by the PhD comics and a lot of seniors. They told me “Now your PhD has really begun”. Its true. I have heavier deadlines. A hundred times more pressure to deliver fast and not being stumped by the questions the advisor asks at meetings. But I must admit, the yelling works. I have started my 14 hour shifts at office trying to get those codes to run. Argh.

I finally changed over to linux. Its pretty awesome. I got a lot of help from the people who are already using it and I really think it beats windows in many ways. But linux is my work environment. Nothing feels more relaxed than hearing that booting music from the Windows 7. Getting emotional am I ?

I’ve noticed how recently I am totally used to conversing over voicemails. In fact it is so routine now, that I get startled when someone actually picks up the phone. Out of sheer laziness to reach out I sometimes allow my calls to go to voicemails and check them at leisure. I hardly heard of voicemails back in India. Ive shifted from the era of missed calls to voicemail era.Its a funny observation I made while waiting for the bus back to the department from a class.

Ah, I feel at peace now. At last I blogged. Hardly people update their blogs anymore. I guess everyone is busy. Not everyone has TA hours like me in the computer lab with (surprisingly) no one coming to ask me anything today giving me a full 1 hour free time. 😀 😀

Ok, I guess one sophomore is coming with her math book in hand towards me…