A Kindled Spirit..

I bought the Kindle. Yaay! Finally! For those of you unaware, its an e-book reader by Amazon. Google for more details. So after months and months of speculation, planning, comparisons, on the 20th of this month I bought it. It was shipped almost instantaneously (buying a company’s flagship product does come with its own benefits) and last friday I opened it amongst much fanfare (read presence of roomies, me jumping around before even trying to open the packing which took another 20 minutes and loads of hollering and yaaying). It is amazing. I got down to downloading my favourites among the free-section. I am still not buying anything on it since I’ve a couple of paperbacks to complete. After all they are my first love. :D. Now I wonder, what took me so long to buy it.

Loads of other things happened, my India trip zoomed away with me not finding a single moment to spare after that post and truckloads of fun. It was heart-breaking to leave whisky and come and I simply am not able to bear the agony. He knows it as well, what with the tail-down and sad faced avatar of his; poking his nose into every suitcase and taking headcount every 5 minutes. Poor thing. I feel so bad and heartbroken. It pains to leave him like that. I cried like crazy..he knew too…his eyes said everything they wanted to. I know I am ranting about something few would relate to but I need to. I wish I could tell him how much I love him and miss his wet nose and sniffles following me around the house. My little doggy…I miss you so much.

I am back to work…with a bang! Literally. I am rejuvenated and refreshed and so annoyed to discover that the weather in chennai is loads better than Atlanta! Sad, but true. Subjected to high -UV rays and 40+ degrees last week, im restricting myself indoors. Of course, that didnt stop me from shopping last weekend. And oh yea, I went to this Six flags White Water park which was full of water rides and slides and all that. It was amazing fun. I went on some rides I never imagined I would go…like one called the Cliffhanger where an almost vertical water slide with water gushing through plummets 9 storeys down! It was thrilling to do it. Nice way to cool off in the heat. The water felt so welcoming.

Nothing else of note here. Im busy with my new toy right now. Something I totally enjoy having. I can finally read those books at the click of a button. More later, keep reading!

You are Here

My parents finally gifted me the bookcase that I had been wanting for at least a decade now. I was treated to a very pleasant surprise when I came home at 2 am (apart from slurpy unbelievably amazing licks and scratches and jumps from whisky) and entered my room for the first time. My own room, yes! finally…After all that shifting homes and places, I was settled and my books were intact in one huge bookcase occupying a whole wall. It has those pretty glass cases, is made of hardwood (like those antique ones I always liked..apart from wanting that really old styled Mahogany table with tons of drawers and an ornate chair for reading/writing..ok I’m getting off course..) and holds all my books. Atleast those I could remember. Now, the issue is I have close to 2000 books many of which may still not be on those shelves but I scanned the shelves excitedly..oohing at some titles I had forgotten or don’t remember buying (see, I have a landmark platinum membership card and dont have ANY savings from my internship in Pune..now that should explain a lot of things as to where I regularly dumped all my salary!). Ok I’m still not close to the point..and maybe I should get there fast. So after rearranging some books..like putting the Harry Potters together or the Sherlock Holmes next to each other, I spotted this book I clearly never bought..maybe it was dad or mom..titled ‘You are Here’ written by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan and sported a pic of a girl smoking against a black backdrop. Maybe this book did get famous, you should pardon my total ignorance in that area now having stayed out of it for the last year but what caught my attention was the punchline “The trouble with my life is that its like a bra strap when you put on your bra wrong..”. Enough for me to sit with it and finish it off in a couple of days.

As expected, its chick-lit. But I loved this one. At first she might seem dysfunctional what with boho parents and a smoking habit, but once you are out of the initial uneasiness and get used to her frequent “smokes”, you realize its a story of an everyday modern girl grappling with traditions and the desire to be free. It doesnt have a beginning or an end and thats what I like about the book. She is blatantly honest with everyone around her including herself and describes each relationship the way it really is.. her mom, dad, boyfriends, friends included. I like the way she underlines the need to really be yourself and her analysis of people in her life seem so real. Hell, I realized midway through the book, I knew most of the people described there in my life too and seriously, her emotions mirrored mine. I like the fact that freedom is treated so naturally here and the mind of a twenty five year old working educated girl is perfectly described. I loved the sneaky references to the old mindsets of a house broker asking them to dump “phoren” clothes i.e T-shirt and jeans and wear salwar kameezes to be able to successfully find a flat and the looks of the garbage man as he clears up the bottles and bottles of alcohol from their apartment. I like the way the boys in the book happily mix drinks for their girl-friends and have no qualms about accepting them the way they are. The book couldve simply gone on and on and I must congratulate the author for making it so interesting. Amazing read…but I dont know if I should recommend it to others. This book seems like reading someone’s diary. So its a personal choice, really.

On a more random note, I watched tv today. After eons..I stopped at all those channels, colours, Star Plus, Zoom and enjoyed the scandals these people generate. There is this new program called “Axe the ex” which I watched in the middle of my lunch where the girl decides to have channel V publicly humiliate the guy with some prank which I did not see…I go directly for the last bit where they tell the guy this was a part of the revenge and the girl goes “Main itni khush 6 months se nahi thee..yipppeee..thank you channel V”. Yuck I thought. If my ex would ever go to a channel and do such a thing, it would lead to murder. His, definitely. I wonder what dating ethics are we bringing…first the Splitsvilla or whatever where girls almost danced nude in swimming pools licking water off the guys asking them to date them on public television which everyone just loved watching to now humiliating your ex on tv and telling them in front of everyone “Dont two-time anybody”. I was reminded of days back in college listening to juicy hookups or predicting who-was-with whom or liked whom or was the touchy-feely type lying on top of everyone or the use-and-throw. It seems a jaded thing to do now even discussing about hookups or treating boyfriends like a BIG thing. Sigh, watching all this makes me feel old. Really old.

On a different note, I think Kareena Kapoor looks really old and the new heroines have nothing but a body to flaunt. Or the fact that Sonam Kapoor in my opinion is just a PYT and knows nothing about acting or how I’m now losing interest in watching “I hate love Stories” and I was so scandalized by what Chetan Bhagat has done to his reputation. IIT-IIM, HSBC vice president and author of a good book (notice the “a”) is now a mockery of the media. From writing TOI columns praising Aishwarya Rai or Genelia D Souza or publicly selling his marriage “Two States” to gatecrashing famous book releases to get attention for his book, he seems nothing but an attention seeking a**hole now to me. All respect long gone. Sheesh, bollywood, glamour and money must be something..it drives these so-called super intelligent people crazy!

All this knowledge garnered from watching TV for two hours, reading a HUGE stack of old newspapers, flipping some 20 channels and reading You are Here…Amazing book I tell you.

Ps: I just love the headlines too…Surya is second time dad and so is Dhanush. May we all congratulate Jeyam Ravi since his wife just had their first baby and boy and he is on the first flight from Paris. Oh my, that was just the most important info I ever got in my existence! Should I laugh or cry?