A Kindled Spirit..

I bought the Kindle. Yaay! Finally! For those of you unaware, its an e-book reader by Amazon. Google for more details. So after months and months of speculation, planning, comparisons, on the 20th of this month I bought it. It was shipped almost instantaneously (buying a company’s flagship product does come with its own benefits) and last friday I opened it amongst much fanfare (read presence of roomies, me jumping around before even trying to open the packing which took another 20 minutes and loads of hollering and yaaying). It is amazing. I got down to downloading my favourites among the free-section. I am still not buying anything on it since I’ve a couple of paperbacks to complete. After all they are my first love. :D. Now I wonder, what took me so long to buy it.

Loads of other things happened, my India trip zoomed away with me not finding a single moment to spare after that post and truckloads of fun. It was heart-breaking to leave whisky and come and I simply am not able to bear the agony. He knows it as well, what with the tail-down and sad faced avatar of his; poking his nose into every suitcase and taking headcount every 5 minutes. Poor thing. I feel so bad and heartbroken. It pains to leave him like that. I cried like crazy..he knew too…his eyes said everything they wanted to. I know I am ranting about something few would relate to but I need to. I wish I could tell him how much I love him and miss his wet nose and sniffles following me around the house. My little doggy…I miss you so much.

I am back to work…with a bang! Literally. I am rejuvenated and refreshed and so annoyed to discover that the weather in chennai is loads better than Atlanta! Sad, but true. Subjected to high -UV rays and 40+ degrees last week, im restricting myself indoors. Of course, that didnt stop me from shopping last weekend. And oh yea, I went to this Six flags White Water park which was full of water rides and slides and all that. It was amazing fun. I went on some rides I never imagined I would go…like one called the Cliffhanger where an almost vertical water slide with water gushing through plummets 9 storeys down! It was thrilling to do it. Nice way to cool off in the heat. The water felt so welcoming.

Nothing else of note here. Im busy with my new toy right now. Something I totally enjoy having. I can finally read those books at the click of a button. More later, keep reading!


One thought on “A Kindled Spirit..

  1. Exactly my feelings on getting a Kindle!!!
    I was so doubting if it would be worth it!! But man! why did I not get it before.

    Paperbacks still win, for the smell, the feel of paper, and the fact that you can get ideas for books, from strangers on a bus/train!

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