Shaam bhi koi..jaise hai nadi…

I am totally blown away by this song. After what seems like forever, there is this song I can listen to and enjoy, whenever and wherever. For some odd reason it reminds me of whisky. ( Now, ok I know there is hardly anything that doesn’t). But this one reminds me of those awesome morning and evening walks I had with him. Just me and whisky..chasing butterflies, tickling caterpillars, avoiding the snails and leeches after a shower, me shaking the branches of a tree full of droplets of water on whisky and he playfully bounding away from the water…ah those happy times. It makes me want to be with him football with a tennis ball, race down the stairs with him, frighten him by popping out of the shadows, running behind him chasing him down the isolated road..aah. I want him right here right now next to me. Only if that was possible.

Okay so coming back to the song, its a beautiful guitar track…and very artfully shot too. People chilling out around a bonfire and having fun. It is slow and mellow minus beats and electronic drums. I guess in the era of electronic music, this one is a rarity. And the lyrics…ah they are so beautiful. The last time I got emotionally hooked to a song was “Yeh haseen Vadiyaan..” or “Pudhu Vellai Mazhai..” from Roja. That song transports me to a romantic hinterland, unexplored and untouched and me with a very special someone (I never imagine his face though..)..its just the snow and the mountains. Hmm…somehow rock music doesnt emotionally connect unless of course Im in a temper of sorts and then somehow Metal suits my tone. I am not saying I dont like rock music…I just dont feel it inside but I guess Nothing Else Matters is an exception.

Its Friday evening and I am sitting with a textbook full of chemistry and complex calculus that is just drifting away…leher leher jaise beh rahi hai. Gosh, i dont think I can work or do anything with this track playing in the background. But what the hell, today music beats everything else.

Check out the video here:

And listen to the full song here: Shaam – Aisha 2010

Enjoy the evening! 🙂


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