Back to School

As I was doing my laundry today, I suddenly remembered the old ad jingle..Action ka school time. I must’ve been in primary school myself…all excited with new books, bag, crisp new uniform, new notebooks, brand new textbooks all covered and labeled, pencil box and waterbottle..and all raring to go to school, meet up friends, wonder who I’ll be sitting next to or who’z grown taller and think about clubs, games and wonder about my new classteacher and new students. Its so different now. A decade or more later, I’m still in school. Grad school and for the first time ever, I dont want classes to begin.

Last year was just fine. I was new in the US, all excited to meet new friends, learn from these Godlike professors and experience grad life. A year and three dreadful semesters later (ok wait..the summer was rather nice), I dont want classes to begin. I’m all settled in now and somehow the thought of assignments, homeworks and finals makes me cringe. I want the summer to go on and on and on. Empty campus, no lines in any cafeteria, leisurely schedules, funtastic weekends, no classes made the last three months so blissful. The thought that tomorrow morning, I have a class and Ive to plan my day around it makes it so dreary. Gah, I’m excited about the course though. It is something I’ve been wanting to learn and the professor seems like the authority on it. So here’s wishing me luck for the semester.

Fall tales apart, today was Onam. I didnt realize it till I saw Shashi Tharoor -Sunanda Pushkar wedding news and pics on the website. There it was written that today was indeed onam. A few mid-morning wishes and lazy plans later, we were in the car to an amazing restaurant that seemed almost in another continent. But was totally worth it. Droolworthy Indian buffet , correction – Kerala buffet lay in front of us. Appams, Stew, Idiyappams, Puttu, Chana, Paruppu Payasam, coconut milk, coconut rice, korma, barota and so many other kerala dishes were on offer today. We ate and ate and ate. I relished the fact that a couple of hours ago, I never dreamt that I would get a chance to eat authentic mallu food in Atlanta. But I did. Thats life I guess. And yea, happy Onam everybody.

Nothing else noteworthy happening here, except I’m excited about tomorrow. (No, its not for the classes). 😀


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