End Semester and Sweet nothings!

I love this time of the year. Not only am I still in my birthday mood, it is that time when the university gives off to the grad junta as well, letting them have some fun during the festive season. Festive, it surely is. The weather Gods have been showering Atlanta with unusual weather this week, starting with snow flurries on my birthday (highly unusual for mid december), abnormally low temperatures (-16 C was everyday morning) , frozen rain (it was amazing, it felt like someone was shredding ice cubes up there somewhere) and finally ice sheets (where I almost ice-skated on the sidewalks ,watched a dozen cars skid and the average speed was down to < 25 mph). I completed another semester today. When the final ended, it was giddy relief that turned into a 'holy-I-can't-feel-my-hands-anymore' sprint to my office. And then I decided to do nothing but waste time officially.

So I watched a movie "I hate Luv Storys". Dont get too judgemental about my movie tastes now since I wanted to see a no-brainer. Somehow I always like to watch no-brainers and the intrinsic urge to watch something as intense as Inception doesnt come more than once or twice a year. The movie was as expected trash (I prefer Aisha to this-so you can understand how horrible it can be). And then my thoughts raced to the comments this Sonam Kapoor made on Shobha De's take of her acting (or lack of it) prowess calling her "menopausal" and "pre-historic". I ambled on to the large section dedicated to Zuckerberg who is Time's Person of the Year 2010. Somehow, he is always inspirational to me. Maybe that he is hardly 4 years older than I am, or its the movie 'The Social Network' which gives you an IQ high. And then I did something I always do when I am free – watch You've got mail.

There is always this one movie people keep going back to. For me, its You've got mail. I've lost count of the number of times I've watched this flick. I remember dialogues, scenes and even the apartment settings. Call me a romantic if you will but this movie presents a rare juxtaposition of things and people I absolutely adore. Let me start with the bookstore setting. Now, this is something I dreamt of doing (and might still do) is own a bookstore and have story-telling sessions, nice comfy sofas with cheap and nice hot coffee, newspapers from around the world and get people back into the long-lost habit. I always wanted to own "The shop around the corner" and felt nasty when 'Fox books' puts them out of business. I imagined my bookshop a mix of the two. Second, I like the premise. Email exchanges, one bookstore vs another and of course, the dog. Brinkley. Not to forget Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.And hoping that my dream man is like Joe Fox. Daisies, NY during Fall, more Brinkley, handkerchiefs and the little boy who spells "F-O-X". Ive been watching this movie since my freshman year at college when the world was my oyster and even now it gives me the belief that I can go back to my dream someday. I love the movie. Love. ( Its another thing that I'm planning to watch Pirates -1 once more at night since that is another of my all time favorite movies but at another level). You've got mail – now thats something else and personal.

Enough of my rant of the movie ( I know I lost readers long back and if you are still here then remain so 🙂 ). I'm planning to bake a cake tomorrow just to celebrate my birthday and try this whole new aspect of cooking called baking. As for the rest, I've another post in mind but let me pen that in the next one. For now, its Capt. Jack Sparrow calling!


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