Band Baaja Baarat!

I think it is a time for serious introspection in Indian cinema esp. bollywood. I watched this relatively lowly publicized flick winning atleast 4/5 in every review and loved it! Really really loved it. This movie reminded me of the simplicity of Jab We Met and met my high expectations. It is a simple story, real people, real words, real scenario and lots of positive energy and happiness. The casting immaculate, dialogues so real and the acting, fabulous. Anushka Sharma is definitely worth more than Deepika or Sonam kapoor and despite being low-key off-screen, she shines on screen. The hero, well I am not even sure what his real name is (I walked into the show 5 minutes late) but is someone who grows on you. Quirky, rowdy, unpolished but so genuine in his actions that you feel you’ve met one Bittoo Sharma somewhere in Delhi. I insist on real so much because I am bored of stupid cinema passed off as futuristic. I loved the story and the treatment, not a scene out of place, dragged, unnecessary, not a song here or there and not even the smooch felt out of place. I call it a time for introspection because this movie has charmed through hearts of people without a hero or a star, without a 100+ crore budget and is definitely one which you can watch seconds. What is the point of so much glitz and glamour and hype and hoopla when the actual content is terrible. Look at Robot or Raavan. Robot made its money because those idiots charged double the money for the show and sold music and every other right at astronomical prices. For what? There is not a cinematic moment there to cherish (not special effects – now that isnt Indian firstly nor does it highlight anything but the excelling graphics abilities of some Indian geeks working in hollywood). Dazzling costumes, blown up mercedes or some stupid jump over a waterfall which gave kerala a slight boost in tourism (that place was already really famous). What is the use of having Aishwarya dolled up in crores worth without any ability to emote, what is the point of a Rajnikanth where his natural acting prowess is overshadowed by crores of effects or a Mani Ratnam who clearly thinks he can revolutionize cinema by making crappy movies, when people really like to see sensible stories like Do Dooni Char, Peepli Live or the latest Band Baaja Baarat.

Ultimately, if the product is good, it will sell. Word of mouth is very powerful and there is only so much the hype, multi-crore budgets,repeated photoshoots and daily interviews will do if the end product is useless. Take a cue bollywood and dont think your audience is brainless. Now kollywood needs some educating, though I’m not even attempting to do that. Rajnikanth is awesome in all those one-liners but on the big screen, seriously guys? ( or are you enjoying it the same way as I do -sarcastically!?)


6 thoughts on “Band Baaja Baarat!

  1. The print and internet has helped ppl home on to BBB. And paissa vassol. On the other hand TV is showing sheela ki jawani for TRP sake. How cheap. Kudos to print and net. Thumps down to TV

  2. I had loved the movie when I saw it for the first time. And I raved about it so much to my girl that she took me to watch it again. And I loved it equally the second time.

    1. Same pinch! I raved about it so much to my roomie who didnt come with us for the first time that she made us go for the movie again the next day! I watched the movie back to back consecutively and LOVED it even the second time! 🙂

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