Finally, my semester began today. It is a surprising thing to say but I’ve been waiting for it this time. My schedule looks terrible, classes are even tougher and I’ve a huge looming proposal ahead of me but weirdly I couldn’t wait to get started. Last Monday, when my semester was officially set to begin, I wanted some more free time. Some time to chill and relax and bask in the calm before the storm. But due to the sudden snowmaggedon that Atlanta was subjected to (really, it was snow-dumping and not falling – more than 5 inches in just 3 hours) and the subsequent icecalypse that followed, it started a week late. Ive never seen so much ice, sheets and sheets of it, solid, permitting not a car on the road, not a soul could walk anywhere unless you knew ice skating. Entire football fields, car parks converted into ice rinks which refused to melt! So we got a week off, not without homeworks already posted and classes held on skype. (Yes, yes I’m not kidding, they really were). Some things happen only@tech!

So yea, I was back to justifying my cheer. I realize that if holidays are suddenly imposed on you, gone are the days you’d happily laze at home watching cars and people skid and slumber away to glory. I was restless to get back to my stuff, hating the delay despite having a stash of movies to watch, a hundred things I could have done. Funny person I am.

On a totally random note, with the end of the Margazhi masam, the wedding season has begun. It meant a succession of kalayanam sapadu and long drives amid choked roads to far-off mandapams. But this year, a lot of my friends (or acquaintances more technically) are getting married. Gosh! those are the girls who I played foot-cricket with, sat next to in class, distributed notebooks to and shared lunch with. Married?! That was for older people. Really matured folks who knew what to do in life, were ready to cook food on a daily basis, maintain a home and someday have kids and all that. It is so hard to believe they are married or are excited about it. So that should technically mean, I am in the “marriage-able” age too right? But I feel nothing of the sort. I expected a sort of enlightenment to surround me the day I am ready for such a commitment. Nothing so far. I cannot imagine having a home to run, a husband (EEEEEKS!!!), suddenly being in the married bracket of society who is off-limits for any kind of wild partying,dating or flirting. Beyond imagination. Definitely. My facebook page that had begun to resemble engagement albums, now has started looking like a slide-show of marriage-albums. I flip through the snaps looking exasperatedly at the bride, remembering how she looked the last time I had seen her, and the coy smiles, expensive sarees and the smug husband who now stood next to her and how they were now man and wife, seen by the society in a totally different light and all grown up and MARRIED. Enough of a shock for me to close the window and breathe deep. Shyte. One more bites the dust.

I’m not saying it is wrong to get married. Of course, it is a fundamental requirement of any society.It scares me that I am already in the age group of people tying the knot. Have we all grown up so soon? Physically and age-wise, probably. But mentally and emotionally – dont count me in!

Well coming back to me,this year is so exciting sports wise – Australian Open (please please please Federer – continue your streak at the Aussie Open, I cannot take another Nadal win !) followed by the World Cup in Indian subcontinent. It is the last chance for God personified aka Sachin Tendulkar to win it for us. That would be the ultimate glory in his already feathered cap and India can really build a temple for him (that they can already for all his greatness) . I feel Ayodhya issue can be solved peacefully if they actually do build one for him.Nothing brings Indians closer than cricket and I think nobody has a complaint against Sachin. I am excited about this world cup. With the Aussies on the downward slope, we have a good chance.

I know this post is random but I have some really interesting things I want to write about. I will, shortly. This semester, I’m determined not to waste this space.

Right now, I cannot get ‘Dil toh baccha hai ji’ out of my mind or playlist. Fabulous.

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