Someone STOP them!

First things first, my thoughts extend to Japan where they have been hit by the brute force of nature and their scale of devastation is still incomprehensible to me. But of all the positive and heroic abilities and the strict earthquake policies that the media has been raining praises about, one significant announcement went unnoticed. The Government of Japan has ordered that all “unclaimed” animals rescued from the debris would be gassed or “disposed” off asap. And then all my sympathy and praise vanished. How CAN they?

So various private organizations are making a race against government agencies to rescue as many animals as they can before the government finds them. This is the WORST attitude that anybody can show for animals. You “dispose” them? Like a tissue? How about “disposing” “unclaimed” children then? Why the difference in life? If you saved one, save the other also. Is it the poor animal’s fault that it survived only to be killed in a worse fashion? How can you even think of taking more lives in the face of such tragedy when the death toll is rising steadily like some stock market price? Every animal that survived has done so miraculously and should be regarded as a miracle of nature. Instead here we are planning to dispose them off. I am so livid right now that I feel like hurling the choiciest of expletives at the Government. I am sure they are “unclaimed” because their owners who brought them up so lovingly couldnt make it. So now instead of honouring their memory by carefully handling their best friend, you are insulting them by GASSING them? !@$@#%@#$%

Whatever logistical reason you give me I am not going to accept it. Every life that lived is a miracle. An animal more so. I hope all the private rescue teams get all the animals that survived and nothing gets to the government. It cannot even protest to your actions. I can imagine the joy it would probably have in being rescued only to be killed by those very people later. CRUEL. If you cannot respect animals in your country, ban people from having any. That way atleast they’ll live a happy and respected life elsewhere.

To those interested: check this out.

God bless those people rushing to help the poor animals.