Calm after the storm

I am just recovering from one of the most important and difficult presentations I have ever given in my life. My thesis proposal. Right from the writing to the editing to the presentation to the preparation took so much out of me that I lay exhausted that night unable to even get my self to execute simple functions like shutting down my computer. But the next few days have been fantastic. Whoever said that you find things most interesting when you are busy is so true. Not that I have no work, in fact paying close attention to the presentation reveals a “proposal” which means that I have officially signed up for some heavy-duty work. Still, unwinding is completely non-negotiable and a few trips here and there would suffice in helping regain my momentum again.
On a totally different note, I wonder what is happening to Indian politics and the entire democracy these days. As scam after scam is being unearthed, people getting more and more informed (evidence: the TamilNadu election results), I get the baaad feeling that something very gloomy,unprecedented and totally unexpected (like the stupidity of Baba RamDev’s arrest) will happen. I am not sure people think BJP government would do better. It might, but is besieged with its own religious agenda. I wonder how it would be if a billion strong nation loses faith in a government altogether. It is scary to imagine anything beyond that.
Moving to a different thing I am religiously doing these days (apart from spinning) is watching the French Open. Somehow, this french open was delightful from the start since no Williams sisters were playing leaving the Women’s title wide open for contest and the men’s draw was so interesting, with Djoker in astronomically brilliant form and Nadal seeing a threat to his King of Clay status. See, there was no Federer in the pipeline. Free of any pressure, he played like a dream. I followed him silently watching signs of the old Federer surface and ooh and aah at his shots. The two week wait culiminated in breathtaking tennis in the semi-final where Djoker was ousted by none other than the King himself. Mindblowing tennis. There was no way some of the shots could have landed inside the lines. But they did. Regardless of the outcome of the finals in another 8 hours, tennis will surely be the winner.I cannot wait. And by the way, I supported Li Na all through. Glad she won. I just wonder if a chinese girl could do it, why do we(Indians) and Sania Mirza remain content with just a second/first round showing? No chalta hai attitude here please!!!!
Hotlanta is true to its name these days.The heat is scorching, sometimes upping the daily maximum to conditions worse than Rajasthan. I hate summers. Gosh, can the rains begin!
PS: Random post I know. Will write something interesting next post, I promise!


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