I love Tina Fey. Period. Ages before she wrote Bossypants or even thought of writing a book, I was a big big fan. I remember watching 30 rock through my second year college and got my first real exposure to American pop culture. Many references scattered right through the dialogues would go over my head. But then slowly and steadily I began to follow all the news with David Letterman, Conan (It was late night with Conan O Brien then) and then the hilarity of the dialogues struck. It came as no surprise that the show won so many Emmy’s the first year itself! Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon is a quirky, eccentric and over the top character but I liked her because she was so real. Not the barbie doll variety like Aniston who looked super hot in Friends and was shown a little blonde-like (clarification: I LOVE Rachel, just highlighting how different Liz and Rachel are). Each conversation is super funny and it intrigued me then that women could do such amazing comedy; both in performance and writing.

Soon a phenomena called Sarah Palin hit US and Tina Fey became a cultural force when she did that superb sketch in SNL. So when Tina Fey released her book, I bought it within hours and loved it!!!
Bossypants is different. It tells you the story of being a woman and working in corporate America especially media in a funny way. Her sarcasm is top notch and so subtle you just laugh out loud.( I did this so many times in the plane to the extreme annoyance of my neighbour). Its been ages since something I read made me laugh this hard. It is a naked picture of all the magazine photoshoots and the photoshopping or the obsession with weight or the issues with her nanny,in-laws and daughter not to mention the complete story of the conception of her SNL sketches, 30rock and her brush with improv. The book is a must read for anyone who intends to someday walk the corridors of power in his/her workplace. It is inspiring nevertheless to find your true calling despite the odds. She made a place for herself among all the Harvard boys in the show business and made it big! I like it and as I said before did not stop chuckling between guffaws throughout the book.

Superb read.
PS: I think I’m gravitating towards non-fiction slowly. Am I getting too old? :O


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