Movies, books and more

I’ve organized myself a little this time. I dug out time to relax and indulge a little in my favorite hobbies. Firstly I read a few books. The first one I read was “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. It was after a long long time I read something that was simply unputdownable. I give it a 11/10. The book deals with black maids (help) in white households in South US in the 60’s. The revelation was stunning. They were discriminated, incriminated and abused (not physically though). They lived in poverty with generation after generation of black women who raised the white babies, cooked and cleaned and had their own children looked after by others or sometimes no one at all. The book is set in Jackson, Mississippi and does a beautiful job of describing life there. What stood out is the way the book was written, in three first person’s voices which portrayed the troubles and insecurities of everyone including the white protagonist. I watched the movie as well and Im sure this one will sweep the Oscars for the lead performers, Viola Davis and will garner considerable adulation for Emma Stone as well. The book is obviously my winner given the depth of emotions it portrays. But I will give credit to the movie for capturing the essence rather well. Read or watch, but do catch up with The Help.
I watched a hindi flick after eons. I saw “Mausam”. Basically I was carried away by the trailer since it looked like a decent movie. My verdict is mixed. First half is really very nice, second half drags and the last 20 mins are ghastly. My advice to Sonam Kapoor: please spare us all and become a model. You cant even mouth words properly. The nicest scenes are when you dont have to talk. Shahid Kapur was good though the movie started to resemble his launch vehicle towards the end with some scenes that seriously need deletion. Songs were nice and hummable and I didnt find the story too weird except for the parts where they resort to old world forms of communication. I liked the way political events were woven into the story though once you got the hang of it, you could draw your timeline and expect the next. There lies the major flaw. It was a mushy movie and though the Indian junta dismissed it, I wont. The main reason is because midway through, I saw this trailor of some horrific,gay movie called “Desi Boyz” with Akshay Kumar and some other guy in the lead that instantly increased my appreciation for Mausam. Not bad at all. Just wait till you watch the remainder of the movies that are lined up. Maybe this one will become a hit 😛
The last bit was about this movie Force which released today and by the reviews and trailer looks bad. Cmon, you try to match Kaakha Kaakha? The movie that started my love affair with Suriya and made me sit up and take notice of Tamil movies? That movie was a gem of a movie, good cop story, superb performances, crisp editing and script and some wonderful songs that I still listen to on my ipod. The love story in the movie was so real and believable that you tend to wholeheartedly agree with Jyothika’s explanantion of “its a girl thing” when questioned about the likeability of the hero. That movie was a gem and its a waste to cast a wooden hero like John and a complete waste like Genelia as the leads. Haha, Im NEVER watching this one.
PS: Im midway through this amazing book called Maximum City. (Thanks Apurba for the recommendation).
PPS: I have a niece now! Yoohoo!

Log – mid september 2011

My last post(s) were quasi-personal i.e personal opinion though not personal blogging. Now its time to make a quick recap of the last 9 months ( remember readers – more for me than you :D)
– Welcomed new years fast asleep with lights on and totally forgot to wish everyone at home the next day – check
– Returned to college with familiar dread – check
– Devastating loss of my hamster and fish – Sob! check
– 6 inch thick ice sheets and college closed – check
– Dismayed to attend a lecture on skype – check
– Ice skating to get groceries – check
– Shocking amounts of work proving second year research has begun – check
– Got no reservation on Valentine’s day and finally ate Chalupas from taco bell in the car -(super awesome) check
– Ate boiled vegetables for 40$ and awesome cakes that was finally worth it for 15$ – check
– Losing a quarter under the seat at the toll booth at 2 am and laughing our asses off to utter dismay of Cashier – check
– Ate home-made Sambhar and almost missed India-Pakistan clash because of food coma – check
– Dizzying amounts of work one day before proposal submission proving starting early does nothing – check
– Crazy proposal day that almost became a disaster – check
– Getting a special gift at the apple store – check
– Debugged a code for 60 hours straight realizing the error was just the data type on ONE line ( Integer instead of real)- check
– Fought with student regarding homework submission – check
– Bought my first pant-suit – check
– Georgia Aquarium for Pranav with him falling asleep at the entrance and waking up just as we finished it – check
– My first tornado warning / watch – check
– My first Zumba class which eventually became an addiction – check
– Got sun-burnt at a beach along with a crab bite – check
– Wave Boarding in the Atlantic – check
– Yanni’s concert – check
– Salt water taffys at Cape May – Check
– More proof that everything in PhD comics is so true – Check
– Unplanned trip to Lake Lanier where we ended up encroaching someone’s camp ground and ate lunch hiding from camp rangers- check!!
– Had the best trek till date on the Applachian trail that ended in consuming insane amounts of guacamole – check
– Best Blues Lounge with shittiest drinks – check
– Started listening to the blues – check
– Welcoming Manikantan (double crown-tail betta) to our lives- Check
– Killed a bonsai – Check
– Grew coriander that only lasted 6 hours – check
– White water rafting – check
– Screwed a kindle – check
– Missed most movies because I slept at 7:30 pm on a Friday night – check
– Went to a dance club dressed like an eskimo – check
– Wore tracks and sneakers to a posh bar – check
– Learnt French – check
– Had the first gourmet dinner date at a top-notch restaurant – check
– Restarted swimming -check
– Ran my first 5K in 38 degrees C and almost died – check
– Watched Federer lose every grand slam – ARRRRGGGHHHH
– Learnt poker – check
– Cooking – umm, ok dont check that.
– Waxed off eyebrows – check
– Hit myself in the head for missing US Open again (not going to Flushing meadows) – check
– Lost weight – HAHAHAHAHA, no way!
– Left facebook and survived- Big yes!
– Fought like mad with everyone near and dear – Ob
Not bad eh? Now come the shopping and birthday times to round off the year. Lalalaa…