Log – mid september 2011

My last post(s) were quasi-personal i.e personal opinion though not personal blogging. Now its time to make a quick recap of the last 9 months ( remember readers – more for me than you :D)
– Welcomed new years fast asleep with lights on and totally forgot to wish everyone at home the next day – check
– Returned to college with familiar dread – check
– Devastating loss of my hamster and fish – Sob! check
– 6 inch thick ice sheets and college closed – check
– Dismayed to attend a lecture on skype – check
– Ice skating to get groceries – check
– Shocking amounts of work proving second year research has begun – check
– Got no reservation on Valentine’s day and finally ate Chalupas from taco bell in the car -(super awesome) check
– Ate boiled vegetables for 40$ and awesome cakes that was finally worth it for 15$ – check
– Losing a quarter under the seat at the toll booth at 2 am and laughing our asses off to utter dismay of Cashier – check
– Ate home-made Sambhar and almost missed India-Pakistan clash because of food coma – check
– Dizzying amounts of work one day before proposal submission proving starting early does nothing – check
– Crazy proposal day that almost became a disaster – check
– Getting a special gift at the apple store – check
– Debugged a code for 60 hours straight realizing the error was just the data type on ONE line ( Integer instead of real)- check
– Fought with student regarding homework submission – check
– Bought my first pant-suit – check
– Georgia Aquarium for Pranav with him falling asleep at the entrance and waking up just as we finished it – check
– My first tornado warning / watch – check
– My first Zumba class which eventually became an addiction – check
– Got sun-burnt at a beach along with a crab bite – check
– Wave Boarding in the Atlantic – check
– Yanni’s concert – check
– Salt water taffys at Cape May – Check
– More proof that everything in PhD comics is so true – Check
– Unplanned trip to Lake Lanier where we ended up encroaching someone’s camp ground and ate lunch hiding from camp rangers- check!!
– Had the best trek till date on the Applachian trail that ended in consuming insane amounts of guacamole – check
– Best Blues Lounge with shittiest drinks – check
– Started listening to the blues – check
– Welcoming Manikantan (double crown-tail betta) to our lives- Check
– Killed a bonsai – Check
– Grew coriander that only lasted 6 hours – check
– White water rafting – check
– Screwed a kindle – check
– Missed most movies because I slept at 7:30 pm on a Friday night – check
– Went to a dance club dressed like an eskimo – check
– Wore tracks and sneakers to a posh bar – check
– Learnt French – check
– Had the first gourmet dinner date at a top-notch restaurant – check
– Restarted swimming -check
– Ran my first 5K in 38 degrees C and almost died – check
– Watched Federer lose every grand slam – ARRRRGGGHHHH
– Learnt poker – check
– Cooking – umm, ok dont check that.
– Waxed off eyebrows – check
– Hit myself in the head for missing US Open again (not going to Flushing meadows) – check
– Lost weight – HAHAHAHAHA, no way!
– Left facebook and survived- Big yes!
– Fought like mad with everyone near and dear – Ob
Not bad eh? Now come the shopping and birthday times to round off the year. Lalalaa…


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