Reason to Celebrate

Don’t we all just need one? Be it a lunar occurrence every 365 days or the happy harvest of a successful crop, we all just need an excuse. A reason to indulge in what we have been planning for,waiting for. In school, end-of-exams meant a visit to the ice cream shop (Creamy inn anyone?) or a family meal in the restaurant of choice or a book if it was the finals. In college the reasons begin to blur to the point one often does not remember why we all were in a shack with so much booze around. Jokes apart, end of exams (of course), birthdays (more bashing and smearing than eating as far as my memory goes), successful water supply for a month, “Hey! no power cuts this week”, “Duuude! a whole new consignment of Appy just came to the shop!” form the less conventional ones but are definitely worth celebrating.
Only once I grew up and learnt economics and understood marketing did the fizz run out. But now, I look no further than everyday happy things. My code worked! (wait a minute, thats not everyday and not small but still..), puppy licks, perfect dal or rasam, free icecream, good data, clouds, rains, snowfalls, the new hand-paddles, the awesome lap timing – all these are reasons to celebrate. They make you feel so much more alive and cherish the days without feeling that times just whizzed past leaving nothing but faint memories.
All this philosophy apart, Thanksgiving is a proper reason to celebrate. For the day after that ofcourse! (and the 5 day weekend!)