End of an era

Today was a special day. A day so special I celebrated it in the ultimate way possible – by doing nothing but reading mindless posts on reddit. Ask me why. It marks an end of my graduate life as a student. No no Im not graduating yet, but now have turned into a full time researcher. To cut the story short, I’m done with classes !!!

It feels weird to think classes are done. From our earliest memories, a major chunk of our life has been in a classroom. Kindergarten, oh wait pre-school, school that lasts a good twelve fantastic years save for the last four, college and for me graduate school. It’s been twenty one years of classroom style education. It has it’s pros and cons but that remains an integral part of our lives so far. From the bench scribbling to the back bench rowdys or the front bench nerds, a class defined people and tagged them for life. To think that I won’t be sitting in a class , waiting for it to end by scanning my watch and wondering if a second was actually this slow, to mugging for exams and pulling all nighters over old papers and cheat sheets feels a little bad. But hey, I couldn’t actually wait for them to get over this time because frankly, I cannot be twenty four and still do homework!!!

That brings me to another milestone. The yet-another-birthday-ruined-by-exam-saga has finally ended.
Exams, ruining my birthdays since 1990. Adios.


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