Shreds of privacy

Hot on the facebook acquisition of Instagram a brand new question arose all over. How much do you trust facebook? Or for that matter anyone. Skepticism today is through the roof given the access everyone has to everything of everyone. Too many every-s? Precisely my point. I have earlier ranted in detail about how facebook is not exactly the safest place to share personal data. I quit for a year and revived my facebook account. I shall write in detail of why I did what I did. It was not just going back on my words but I was forced to return to publicize an event. I decided to stay anyway. That is a part of another post I shall soon write.
Today, almost every service has an option to login using facebook. People use it anyway (me too for arbit sites) since it is easier than creating a user name and password that is unique. People like me live on the computer and the internet more specifically. Instagram was a smaller community (too bad I signed up for it just last Friday). The users were far smaller than facebook. With facebook taking over, loads of people reportedly deleted their content on instagram. They are suspicious of facebook motives. Of being bombarded with headphone ads because they took a picture of fancy headphones or of some beach vacation deal because of their last picture. Facebook is not alone. Google recently changed its policies and added terms that could track your usage. Now the most frequented sites of mine are google-based. Email, search, reader, youtube everything. Sometimes it might feel like they are reading your mind but when I keep seeing new vacation deals flashing on my screen because I bought flight tickets just yesterday, it makes me mad. Its like the internet version of the telemarketer who you cannot disconnect.
Facebook is turning into the glam version of orkut. People stay on it to track other people. Everyone does it. My new favorite is to frequent gag sites and laugh at those silly comics and memes. (Reddit still rules btw). Privacy is all but non-existent. We can check-in wherever we go, tweet our surroundings and let the world know what we are upto. It seems like a strange obsession. Even I am not immune to it. I wonder why I do it sometimes. Maybe because we get so lured by the happenings in others lives we are compelled to say something about ourselves in order to remain alive in the grand scheme of things? Facebook has turned into this giant which has pages for every company, every brand, every group and practically everything around us. Its almost if our online lives are the main things now and the real stuff we do are just time-fillers.
I fear one day virtual reality would be more dominating than the real world. If on one side technology is so fascinating, with the ability to talk to family and friends, to watch movies anytime anywhere, search for anything anytime, discuss something across timezones and continents,it gets creepy when someone is also watching you do everything. The only solution then remains to switch off your computer and step out and be there for just the people surrounding you. No updates, no tweets, no whatsapps, no photo sharing. Maybe I’ll go read a book and then out of habit read the other versions on There, I just told you all my plan.
Clearly, there is no escape.
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PS: I watched 3. Yes, the movie with the Kolaveri song. Not bad for a debutante director. Performances are nice. Story is extremely crappy n predictable. Dhanush is slowly turning into the mental-illness educator for the tamil audience. Shruti Hassan cries all through. Kolaveri picturization is horrendous. Good thing everyone forgot about the movie!


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