Ah, first the clarification to the question that’ll pop up first thing you see the name or the link – What on earth is ‘FOL’? Okay, no distorted versions there please ( She’z probably forgotten an ‘O’ or something), but it is an acronym for Full Of Life. Yes, my nickname that has stuck to me since my second year at college and it is something that describes me rather perfectly. So that being sorted out, let me tell you something more about myself.

I am a over-enthusiastic, bubbly, loud and a typical Sagittarian who more often that not, walks around with her foot in the mouth. I do have a passion for most things under the sun, which becomes too tiring for my own good sometimes but mostly it works for me. I get bored if you don’t give me something interesting and mentally challenging to do/think or write. Otherwise, I am a typical,on-the-heavier-side, 20-something who loves to write and tell people her stories. This blog is nothing more than a window to my world, where you can peep in and look at the everyday world from my perspective. I love animals,nature, food,books and my dog whisky means the world to me. ( I am saying this because there will be so many instances of Whisky being mentioned and it does not generally mean the one that comes in a bottle). I write about happy events, describe momentous occasions, crib and cry about my present disposition and sometimes even try to look at the lighter side of things.

Who am I ? Well, not speaking rhetorically, I am Nita Chandrasekhar. I was never happy with my name being so much smaller and insignificant in comparison to my surname and am used to people omitting the name and calling me ‘Chandrasekhar’. Even my college yearbook calls me ‘N Chandrasekhar’ (something I’ll never forgive them for).  I am a frank and outright person and seldom stick to the decency expected from the female sex. I was a tom-boy for all my early school days and love long hair. Again it was a misconception that I got cleared only recently. I love long hair- on others. For myself I keep myself happy by keeping them short and just enough to keep changing my appearance ever so often.

Currently I am a PhD student in Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA majoring in Chemical Engineering.My native is Chennai and I am die-hard Chennai fan.It is my home. Everything about that city enthralls me. Though, I will not fit into the cast of a typical tamil girl despite my perfect tamil lineage, I still love everything about Chennai and the south. I enjoy reading immensely and it has been an age-old hobby of mine which continues with great zeal even today. I totally love food and enjoy every cuisine that I have managed to taste out of the hundreds out there. I am pretty mellow and mushy inside but quite tough to crack on the outside.

I studied in the scenic locales of Goa, where I spent the four best years of my life. Though, some eyebrows do get lifted when ‘study’ and ‘Goa’ come together, but life in BITS (yes, Birla Institute of Technology and Science) Pilani, Goa Campus, gave us its share of deadlines, exam fevers and hectic schedules which did not permit us to lie on the beaches guzzling beer everyday like a few imaginations would have already conjured up images by now. But enjoy we did, the locales, the beaches, the cheap alcohol and the expensive food and travel. Every moment there will be a precious part of me including the power-less and water-less periods of time which in fact makes those memories even fonder.

I already feel I have ranted too much about myself.I’ll spare you further agony and end it right here.

Welcome to my World!

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